Central Alabama Bad Credit Home Buyers Program



  • Must be a resident of Elmore, Autauga, Montgomery, Coosa, or Chilton Counties in Alabama
  • Total Cost of the Program is $195
  • $95 Credit Audit plus $25 a month for 4 months
  • Must use our Credit Monitoring Program
  • Must have have 2 years tax returns
  • Debt to Income Ratio must be less than 30%
  • Must agree to use our Real Estate Agent Partner
  • Must agree to use our Real Estate Mortgage Provider

$95 Credit Audit plus $25 a month for 4 months

What do I need to do to get accepted?

  1. Fill our the form below
  2. Our team reviews your credit report and tax information (Estimate time 5 business days)
  3. You get an acceptance letter
  4. We complete your Credit Audit
  5. You are charged the $95
  6. Your credit repair process begins where you and I work together to re establish your credit profile
  7. 30 Days later your $25 a month starts for 4 months.
  8. At the same time, we start working with you and our Mortgage Partner to get your pre approval in place.
  9. We turn you over to our Realtor Partner to start your home buying search based on your approval.
  10. Then its as simple as: OFFER, CLOSE, KEYS
  11. We take a celebration picture in front of YOUR NEW HOME

*Mortgage approvals are based on more than credit. Your income and debts are a major factor in a decision for a mortgage company to do business

*There is no guarantee of approval. We are obviously very confident once we accept you in the program because we have such a low cost in our credit repair program based on you getting APPROVED for the home. We also cannot ensure or guarantee results because there are steps that we will need a client to do but we cannot force them to do those steps. You must FOLLOW OUR DIRECTIONS for best results within our program.

Central Alabama Bad Credit Home Buyers

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