What is Debt Assumption?

Debt assumption is a special form of debt refinancing, involving three parties—the creditor, the original debtor, and a new debtor who assumes the debt obligation.

What is kinds of debts qualify?

MOST UNSECURED DEBTS QUALIFY: Credit Cards, Personal Loans, Store Cards, Gas Cards, Signature Loans, Business Debt, Privately backed student loans and some SBA loans…. current, late, delinquent, charged off, or closed.

Program Parameters?

Eligible Accounts: Bank issued credit cards, store and gas cards, personal loans, signature loans, student loans made by banks, some SBA loans, medical bills sold to collectors, and personally guaranteed business bank loans in default.

  • Individual accounts between $1,000 and $50,000.
  • Total enrollment minimum $15,000, maximum $500,000
  • Assumption Program takes about a year, but service for all accounts runs 3 years from enrollment date

Not Eligible for Enrollment: ANY secured debt, installment loans e.g. furniture, TV, auto, etc., leases, Contractgovernment backed SBA or student loans , medical bills still with originator, deficiency balances from real property (foreclosed home loan, HOA balances not discharged, repossessed vehicle, boat, aircraft, RV loans), credit union accounts, personally guaranteed business bank loans not in default and taxes of any kind.

Consumer Costs: Program Fee is a percentage of total enrolled debt (ask your enrolling agent for the program available to you), payable monthly up to 36 mos.

Due at enrollment: $250 plus $100 per account database setup fee, plus $59.95 per month admin fee during the full 36 months of program

How does it work?


    • Original Creditor: Consumer simply assigns open accounts with original creditors to DAN
    • Using their expertise, DAN makes an offer to the creditor to amend the card agreement to extremely favorable debtor terms, e.g. 0% interest, no over limit fees, no late payment fees, no negative reports to credit reporting agencies, and others, AND from the date of amendment acceptance, DAN makes the payments under the new terms and Consumer makes no further payments to creditor!

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    • Collectors other than Original creditors: Using powerful State and Federal consumer protection laws, DAN uses its expertise in answering all demands with the goal of making the claims of debt “uncollectible”
    • In the rare case of suit, a local attorney is provided as part of the DAN service (consumer court appearance not likely required)
    • 100% SATISFACTION Guarantee
    • Consumer portal 24/7 information access

    Step 1: One of our Credit Advisors will do a Debt Analysis with you. You will get your cost breakdown and payment plan options after we analyze your current debt situation

    Step 2: We enroll you in to our Debt Assistance Network (DAN) Plan to assume your debt at 45% of the balances and accept your downpayment from Step 1.

    Step 3: We work with you to gather the necessary paperwork to send to DAN so that they can work with your creditors to take over your debts.

    Step 4: Process takes 6-9 months to assume the debts and get the paperwork all lined up.

    Step 5: Credit Restoration Begins. Credit Restoration is INCLUDED in your DAN Program.

Debt Assumption Program

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