Credit Services

Credit Advisors has 3 Credit Service Packages:

1. Audit Only– This is for the client that already has moderate to good credit and wants to ensure they are in the best potential position to pay the lowest amount of interest on their upcoming purchases.

2. Credit Restoration – This is for the client that wants to restore their credit. Their audit is on the negative items only. Processing time for each round is 3-5 days and file reviews are every 45 days (based on client getting us responses back in a timely manner)

3. VIP Restoration– This is for the client looking for credit restoration utilizing our FIRST IN LINE service. Your file is processed SAME BUSINESS DAY, if the data we need is received by 2pm CST. The credit audit is a complete line by line audit and breakdown of how to maximize your credit score for future purchases. File Review times are every 38 days for our VIP Clients, rather than 45 days. VIP Restoration also includes certified mailings when needed and priority mail on all communication with you, the client. You also work direct with IronMan, our founder and CEO, to ensure your FASTEST credit restoration!

4. Pay Per Delete- This service is best for people who have less than 5 negative items on their credit reports. You can get our credit repair service and ONLY PAY FOR ITEMS THAT WE SUCCESSFULLY delete, remove, or repair. You pay the audit fee of $195 and their is a fee per item per bureau that is charged once the items are removed, deleted, or repaired. The cost is as follows: Public Records: $50 per item per bureau. Standard Accounts (Original Creditors, Collections, Medical Collections, etc) $35 per item per bureau. Personal Info $10 per item per bureau. Inquiries $20 per item per bureau.


We strongly suggest adding some services on at times into your credit repair process. One being speed of the mailings and the other being CMRR (Certified Mail Return Receipt). By using CMRR we are able to track the items upon the bureaus, creditors, or collection agencies accepting the letters that we are sending. In doing so, they know how serious this is and it increases our effectiveness tremendously. It also gives us a proper paper trail if they violate any of the laws and allows us to leverage the information further in the event that we are able to seek a settlement on your behalf. All these services are priced below and we keep up with all the tracking and information needed as we go through the process. Not to mention it will save you hours in line at your post office when we have these already prepared and ready for you.

*Priority Mail on ALL your letters to be mailed (2-3 business days) $8 per package (Standard First Class Mail is included in your Audit fee but is 5-7 business days on average delivery according the USPS.

*Certified cost per letter is $5 per letter and includes ALL postage and fees needed, You just drop it off or put it into your mailbox.  (This covers our $3.76 postage cost and label and envelope that we use) This is STRONGLY suggested on ANY communication with the Credit Bureaus directly.

*CMRR cost per letter is $9 per letter and includes ALL postage and fees needed, You just drop it off or put it into your mailbox.  (This covers our $6.675 postage cost and label and special envelope that we use) This is STRONGLY suggested on ANY original creditor, collection agency, or Round2 and further CRA letters that we mail.

*All the above billing is BILLED the day we prepare your letters and is due immediately upon receipt

This is just an extra service that we provide that will streamline your process and helps us work much more efficient to achieve better results for our clients. It is in NO WAY forced, just strongly recommended.

A monitoring service is STRONGLY recommended. Not required in ALL situations but for most clients we require you maintain a monitoring service for the duration of your credit repair. We have a great service that we recommend that is the best one on the market through years of experience. **CREDIT KARMA and other free services are not credit monitoring and do not provide us the data needed to properly use in the credit repair process.